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EASE Therapy (Equine Assisted Somatic Experience Therapy) is a six week protocol designed to treat trauma, anxiety and PTSD with the aid of horses.


Stacie Johnson, LMSW is a licensed therapist with over 25 years of experience who has developed a specific treatment protocol partnering with horses to treat trauma, anxiety and PTSD.  With experience in DBT, EMDR, PE, CBT and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, she has spent the last 20 years researching and developing this powerful tool.  Additional therapists are being trained!  Click Here to look for one in your area!

  • Attend a 6 week 1 on 1 therapy intensive

  • Attend a Secondary Trauma Processing Group 

  • Get trained to be an EASE Facilitator

  • Bring us in to train your staff


EASE therapy has proven to be invaluable and powerful in the treatment of anxiety and trauma. Because of this success, we want to make this available to the masses through not only continued treatment of individuals, but the training of other therapists and horse professionals so they can employ the technique as well.  For anyone in the therapeutic field or equine assisted industry, this is a must have for their therapeutic toolbox!


NEXT EASE THERAPY TRAINING DATES SET:  Owosso, MI  area for 6-6-21.  Contact for sign up information!


EASE Therapy was awarded a grant to expand EASE Therapy into Huron County, MI.  The Economic Development Commission sponsored a business catapult and EASE Therapy was chosen to receive $1500!  We will be using the money to provide funding for scholarships for training and treatment in Huron County.  Thank you EDC!

A grant has provided the ability to work with Caro Community Schools for spring and fall of 2021!

New Practitioners trained.  See the new page and check for someone in your area!

New brain/neuro research available supporting the protocol and memory re-consolidation for PTSD, trauma and anxiety!  Checkout Courtney Armstrong's book


"When I started EASE therapy I had been through several years of counseling, and self-help studies to try and find relief from anxiety. I was taking medications for high blood pressure and anxiety, and suffered from regular tension migraines. By the end of 6 weekly equine therapy sessions with Stacie, I was cleared by my Primary Care Physician to discontinue both the blood pressure and anti-anxiety meds. By the end of each session, I felt so completely relaxed, as though I had had an hour message. The relaxation techniques I learned have also helped reduce the frequency of tension headaches, and I am so grateful for the better quality of life I now have." -Rachel

“I felt the most relaxed ever after 1 session” 18 yr old client

“I sent a client and she returned a different person!
She even looked different, having changed her life
completely!” Shelly Wiggins, outpatient therapist

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