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EASE Therapy is a specific protocol for use in processing and thereby alleviating anxiety and symptoms of trauma.  This therapy is only conducted by trained mental health and horse professionals.  

​What is EASE Therapy?  (Equine Assisted Somatic Experience Therapy)

EASE (Equine Assisted Somatic Experience) Therapy is designed to treat trauma, anxiety, and PTSD using elements from proven practices in treatment including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Progressive Exposure, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Biofeedback and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.  Trauma and Anxiety are experienced both in the mind and the body and memory of this experience is stored differently in the brain than non-traumatic experiences.  Through partnering with horses, both the mind and the body can be addressed.  Horses are naturally adept at reading and giving feedback on the information that our bodies are giving them.  By engaging our body in the experience while addressing the mind, we find relief from even long lasting and enduring symptoms.  Research shows that the neural pathways in our brains strengthen around the thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to symptoms AND

we can change this by strengthening other more productive and healthy neural pathways.  EASE Therapy consists of 6 weekly sessions that can be run concurrently with other talk therapy or traditional cognitive behavioral therapy or may be a break from your therapy that you can return to after the 6 sessions.  We work with other therapists and doctors to coordinate therapy regularly as well as sharing pre and post-test results in symptomology.  EASE Therapy can be used with all ages and populations.  Physical disabilities will be considered and may be referred to specific centers where they can be managed if they are not able to be addressed in the setting that we provide. 

We take care to measure responses at each session and over all 6 sessions and have a track record of success!

Here's what clients are saying:

"I was on medicine for blood  pressure and anxiety  and could not control either one.  Now I am off meds and symptom free!"

"I have never felt so relaxed!  I got used to carrying all that tension in my body and didn't know I could be this relaxed!"

"I sent a client who did 6 sessions.  I almost didn't recognize her after!  She even looked different!"


If you are a mental health professional or equine specialist doing any sort of equine assisted therapy, you have to have this tool in your therapy tool box!  If you work with trauma and anxiety, get trained now!!

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