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Manchester, MI

​Amber is a licensed clinical social worker and mental health counselor in Manchester, Michigan with over 10 years of experience in the mental health field.  She has been a serious equestrian for nearly 30 years, competing at the national level for many of those years.  The true gift in her horse experience comes from opportunities to observe and interact with the horses and learn from those experiences. Her passion is sharing similar opportunities to learn and grow from horse experiences with others by providing mental health counseling. 


Amber's therapeutic background includes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy. mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and solution-oriented therapies.  She is EAGALA Certified as both the mental health specialist and the equine specialist.  As an independent contractor, she has been providing equine assisted growth and learning opportunities for the past 8 years with Kaleidoscope Learning Circle.  Her clinical focus includes, children and adolescents as well as adults who are seeking a unique opportunity to learn and grow from their experiences with horses.

Tracy Weber, PhD
Kaleidoscope Learning Circle​


Birch Run, MI

Tracy A. Weber, Ph.D. is the founder/owner of Kaleidoscope Learning Circle, llc. (KLC) and the author of Wildly Successful (Http://  Dr. Weber has owned and operated a state-of-the art equine center for 15 years developing and delivering equine-assisted learning programs to educators, Northwood University students, corporate executives, and more.  During her 35 years as a professional, her passion for learning has provided her with a vast array of experiences which she draws upon to engage participants.  Tracy’s areas expertise include organizational and team development, learning theories, and systems.  As an adjunct  professor she has facilitated learner-centered, and competency based courses in leadership and customer-centricity as far away as Dubai,  Croatia, and the Dominican Republic.  She is an active volunteer and community member, in addition to being married and the mother of two grown daughters, both accomplished professionals.  Tracy’s TEDxSVSU, Horse Wisdom for the Human World” can be found at


Shelly Wiggins LPC

Lansing, MI

Shelly Wiggins is committed to working with adults who want to overcome difficult or painful life experiences. Her specific areas of expertise include eating disorders, grief and loss, relationship issues, anxiety and women’s issues.

Shelly is a committed Christian with a deep understanding of life issues and is an experienced public speaker. She is also available for speaking engagements and working with women’s groups and church groups. Her wide-ranging experience as a group facilitator is often sought for working with those who struggle with eating disorders, co-dependency and addictive behaviors.

Her personal mission is to teach, nurture and demonstrate freedom through counseling ministries.

She is a member of the American Counseling Association and a Licensed Professional Counselor by the State of Michigan.

IMG_17291 (1).jpg
Keri Severt, LPC
PADOC Counseling​







Cass City, MI

Keri Severt, Tuscola County-based Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Board Certified
Behavior Analyst (BCBA) provides therapeutic services to adolescents and adults who are
looking to improve their quality of life. This unique blend of counseling and behavior analytic
knowledge offers a precision when addressing challenging behaviors. PADOC offers EASE
(Equine Assisted Somatic Experience) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment) therapy, along
with a strong reliance on mindfulness to assist her clients.
Keri has thirty-five years of horse experience and understands how effective horses can be in
assisting clients navigate through change.
Outside of her career, Keri enjoys family time, sports, and has a strong love of animals and nature.

Tamara Stroup


Millington, MI

Tam is a life long horse person who has been taught the way of the horse from her father and other life long horse relationships.  She has raised, trained and bred horses for over 40 years.  She has been working with Stacie Johnson, LMSW for 18 years providing equine assisted therapy and now EASE Therapy.  She continues to manage 2 farms and run her own farm.  She is a lover of all animals and of farm life.  She is available to partner with trained mental health specialists to provide EASE Therapy.  Email at


Peggy Briggs, LPC 

Midland, MI

Peggy pursued a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling after her three children became adults, counseling is a second career for her.  Peggy’s goal in equine therapy is to help people to build skills that increase emotional well-being and the ability to live their best possible life.  Peggy enjoys partnering with horses to do this work because of their innate ability to help people to gain clarity about themselves, their relationships, and areas in their life that may need change.  

Equine psychotherapy is a scientifically-validated method of treatment to help people resolve trauma, anxiety, depression, and other emotional stressors.  Peggy would welcome an opportunity to work with you at Remnant Fields.  

EAPT Workshop Photo.jpg

Inger Lanese, MA, LPC
(517) 974-9664

Inger received her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1992.  She
has been partnering (and celebrating) with horses her entire life.  In 2008, she became certified
with EAGALA as an Equine Specialist (ES).  Learning and practicing alongside licensed mental health professionals as an ES led her to enroll in Prescott College’s Master of Arts Counseling
Psychology program in 2010.  In 2013, she received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with a Concentration in Equine-Assisted Mental Health from Prescott College, Prescott, AZ.  Inger is the Director of ManeStream Services, LLC, is a seasoned EAAT Practitioner, and EMDR Trained Therapist. Inger welcomes clients interested in Equine Assisted Somatic Experiencing (EASE) to her practice. She is a co-facilitator of several Equine Assisted
Photography Therapy (EAPT) workshops in both Maine and Colorado.  Inger owns/operates a
private practice in Wacousta, MI providing holistic, trauma informed methods and approaches to
healing and recovery.



Inger Lanese, MA, LPC

(517) 974-9664

Angela McElroy BSHS, Naturopathic Practitioner and Equine Specialist.  Angela is the founder Dorr To Eden & Dorr To Eden Freedom Camps. She has been involved in social work and infant mental health since 2005 and a certified naturopath 2014.  She specializes in emotional and behavioral concerns using holistic counseling approaches to mind, body and soul healing which includes using herbal programs and equine assisted growth and learning & EASE equine assisted somatic release.  She believes everyone should have access to holistic services which led her to create the non-profit Dorr To Eden Freedom Camps for grief and loss and offers other sliding scale and donation based services. 

Located in Dorr Michigan

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